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Deletion of Criminal Records


Any citizen convicted of a crime by a final judgment is registered in the Central Register of Convicted Persons. After a certain period of time has elapsed, after serving a sentence, the citizen in question has the right to obtain the cancellation of his or her criminal record from the Spanish Ministry of Justice.


If he/she meets the necessary requirements to cancel his/her record, he/she may request the cancellation from the Ministry of Justice.

The requirements are as follows:

Not to have offended again for during:

  • Six months for light penalties.
  • Two years for sentences not exceeding twelve months and those imposed for reckless offenses.
  • Three years for the remaining less serious penalties of less than three years.
  • Five years for the remaining less serious penalties equal to or greater than three years.
  • Ten years for serious penalties.


Without the expungement of a criminal record, a foreign citizen may have problems when applying for or renewing a permit or, as the case may be, when applying for nationality. For this reason, it is essential to cancel the criminal records of foreign citizens.


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