>  Emprendedores y Personal Cualificado – Golden Visa

Emprendedores y Personal Cualificado – Golden Visa


Foreign citizens who intend to carry out an innovative entrepreneurial and business activity in Spain, in principle,they can apply for a specific type of residence permit.


Foreigners who are interested in doing any significant investments are also eligible to apply for a residence permit in Spain en el país, a través de la comúnmente llamada GOLDEN VISA.


Finally, certain professionals - the so-called highly qualified - can obtain a residence permit that allows them to live and work legally in Spain for managerial positions or positions requiring high qualifications.


We can help you with all the necessary procedures to obtain a residence permit as an entrepreneur, investor or, in your case, highly qualified professional.


Count on our knowledge of the Spanish immigration law to increase your chances of being granted a residence permit for investment, entrepreneurial or highly qualified professional activities.


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